Safety, Medical Emergency and Security Services.

AOSS has responsibility under the AURA juridical regime (particularly as affected by Chilean Law No 16.744) (i): for the management of Workers' Compensation Insurance, as well as (ii): for ensuring that the general safety and hygiene needs of all workers are met to the extent required by Chilean law and AURA policy.

Each Project and Program will be responsible for the day-to-day safety of the workers in their own installations, and for the development and implementation of their own safety programs.

However, all safety programs must comply with Chilean law and AURA standards, and must be reviewed and approved by AOSS for such compliance. AOSS shall also make periodic evaluation visits to the installations of the various projects and programs in order to ensure continuing adherence to these laws and standards.

The Projects and Programs must comply with those ongoing recommendations of AOSS Safety Consultants which the Consultants regard as mandatory, unless otherwise determined by the AURA-O Head, or by AURA through the dispute resolution process defined below (section 6).

In addition to the services described above, AOSS shall be responsible for providing first-aid services, emergency transportation and permanent, on-site, paramedic support services. These services will be based on Cerro Tololo and will be available 24 hours/day, the year round. AOSS will also provide services for accident, rescue and emergency response.

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