Contracting Services: Personnel recruitment, selection and contracting will be carried out in accordance to the attributes and specifications provided by each Project or Program, in conformity with existing labor Law and other mandatory legal norms. AOSS will start the recruitment and selection procedures, forwarding the resulting information to the incumbent Project or Program for their decision. AOSS will not be accountable for the final selection process, nor will it have the right to challenge the decision about which individual(s) are selected, except on account of explicit legal considerations. Therefore, a designated Program or Project representative will make the final decision.

Share Personnel: In cases where a position is being filled to support the specific needs of more than one user. AOSS will coordinate the selection process as well, with the participation of the Users whose programs needs are being met.

Performance Evaluations: AOSS will coordinate the evaluation of all AOSS staff. The evaluation of AOSS staff assigned substantially to a single program during the evaluation period will be conducted by that program according to AOSS procedures and timelines. In the case of staff shared by more than one unit, AOSS will conduct the evaluation with significant input from the programs that used the employee's services.

Merit Increases: Subject to the discretion and approval of the Head of AURA-O, the amount and styling of merit increases for each AOSS employee will be based on recommendations made by the program or programs participating in the evaluation of that employee.

Employees pay: The wage structure will be based on the existing AURA approved pay-rate classifications (this wage classification structure will be reported on a periodic basis to all of the Projects and Programs). The contracting Project or Program will have the right to decide the gross salary they will offer their applicants, within the corresponding general classification category noted above, and in conformity with the skills and other qualifying attributes which may have been designated for this purpose.

AURA pay grades: Each classification may have different pay categories, determined by the skills, education and expertise of the applicant, and/or by the continuance or duration of their contract with the Organization. Each pay category has an entry-rate, medium point and maximum, which the Projects or Programs can use at their entire discretion. If the Project or Program would wish to offer their applicants a salary above the roof of the corresponding established level (in the entry category), they must provide AOSS with the reasons, in writing, for reclassifying the position to a higher category. Workers contracted by AOSS for its own activities, as well as those contracted under the mandate of the Projects or Programs, will have access to the range of economic and social benefits established by collective bargaining contracts. They will also enjoy freedom to join a Union and the Welfare Association of the Workers of AURA, provided they meet the requisite membership sign-up criteria.

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